Kim Kardashian Cellulite Removal

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Kim Kardashian Cellulite Removal

There are all kinds of products out there that people use in order to improve their appearance.  With age usually comes more problems.  A person's skin isn't as tight as it used to be, and the overall appearance of a person seems to go down with age.  However, there are many medical breakthroughs that help a person deal with the changes their body is going through.  For example, cellulite is something that a lot of women deal with, even beautiful women and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, and none of them want to have it. 

So what do the rich and famous do to get rid of it? Kim Kardashian's cellulite removal method of choice is reportedly VelaShape. Let's take a look at this relatively new procedure and the pros and cons.

First, the pros: VelaShape is the only FDA cleared device that is supposed to shape and slim the body by reducing cellulite in only a few treatments.  Done in a doctor's office, about four treatments seem to be what it takes to make a noticable difference.  The surface of a person's skin should become much smoother, and the reduction of cellulite should be very noticable.  There is very little pain that a person experiences with VelaShape, too.

There are a few negatives about Ms. Kardashian's cellulite removal method of choice, though. VelaShape uses a heating method for treatment, and that could not be something that a person is interested in.  The heating may cause some pain, however, the pain one experiences is supposed to be very little.  Also, it is not 100% effective.  There are some instances when the product will not be able to do everything that it is advertised to do.  However, studies do show that 85% of treated areas reported circumferential reduction of thighs of at least a centimeter and up to a little over seven centimeters. 

In addition, the cost isn't trivial. Prices run anywhere from $500 to $2,000 a treatment. So you have to have a pretty big bankroll to afford VelaShape.

If you've got the cash to spare, and you want results fairly quickly without having to change your lifestyle, VelaShape might be for you. But for the rest of us, a sensible diet comprised of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables, and well as cardio and strength-building exercises, will not only improve the look of our cellulite, but our overall health, too.

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